I was so excited when Cailin contacted me about a mini session and said...I think we want sunflowers! I knew of this great field, but it's quite a trek to get there so, once we set the date I thought let's see who else wants in on the action. It was short notice because our crazy summer caused the flowers to bloom a whole 2 weeks early, and with this heat...they weren't going to last long! Lucky for the McKinneys and Sharys they lasted just long enough!

Sunflowers are probably one of the most beautiful flowers. These towering beauties are unique in more ways than favorite being the way young flowerheads turn their faces to the sun. For the sunflower this attribute is purely to maximize photosynthesis, but to us it can be a symbol of so much more.

Maria's Field of Hope was first planted in 2014 by the Prayers From Maria Foundation to raise awareness to the lack of funding for childhood cancers. Maria was a little girl taken too soon by cancer. Her parents say that despite the trials of her diagnosis Maria never lost her faith. She prayed diligently that doctors would find a way to help other children battling cancer. In addition to raising funds for childhood cancer research, her field is a reminder that hope exists...if you remember to keep your eyes to the Son. You can read more about Maria and the field, or even make a donation here.

30% of these sessions went back to Maria's Field of Hope and the Prayers From Maria Foundation in hopes of one day finding a cure for childhood cancer.