Three Blessings, One Celebration!

I could not have been more honored to be part of this momentous day for the Aurich family! So many blessings and so much to celebrate. In the morning, baby Luke was the star of the show with his baptism! He looked so handsome all dressed in white!

But mom & dad had more in store for the day...the exchange of their wedding vows! Surrounded by friends and family in their own back yard, Mark & Chrissy became husband & wife.

So far we've had two blessings...but I said three! Chrissy & Mark will be welcoming their baby girl into the family in early 2018!

Sometimes things happen in ways we don't expect or don't plan for, I know that all to well, but with faith, hope and love it all turns out in the end. You could tell from their words to each other, that Mark & Chrissy are right where they belong! Here's to your happily ever after...

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