Iris, Sofie & Matthew

Sometimes when things move forward, they tend to take a step back in the process...but in a good way. While I was working with these cousins, grandma was comparing this session to the style of family portraits in the past. In the past, a photographer would come to your home, maybe put a backdrop in a doorway and take your picture. That's not too different from the style of portrait photography today. Photographers have somewhat moved away from the posed studio style sessions into more of a location based lifestyle approach. Sure, we still get to capture those sweet smiles and cute poses, but we get to do it in more natural setting. I may have just met Iris, Sofie & Matthew, but I go way back with their families. Their mommies and I went to school together and I got to teach alongside their amazing grandma before she retired. While grandma still lives here, her sweet grandbabies live in opposite directions and they seldom get all three of them together. She seemed a little uncertain that we could make this session happen, but the kids were angels! With that said, I give you Iris, Sofie & Matthew.

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